Seven Common Mistakes WordPress Designers Make

There isn't a web developer or designer out there who hasn't heard about WordPress. It is a very useful tool that a lot of people can use, from novice bloggers to expert designers. If you want to start using this popular blogging tool, there are a couple of things you should know. The common mistakes WordPress designers make are:

1. Using free themes

As a designer, you can't be caught using free themes. This should go without saying. As much as possible, also avoid premium themes that are advertised on the WordPress website. You should make time to create your own templates and showcase your talent. If you are still working on your theme, don't use a free theme as your temporary layout. Just launch your website or blog after you have created a customized theme.

2. Adding too many plugins

Plugins are great! They let you take more control of your blog or website and add useful features that can take your page a long way. Just don't use too many. These things also need maintenance and updates. Only choose a handful and stick to them. Determine which plugins you absolutely need, and which ones you just want because you find them neat.

3. Getting widget-happy

Widgets are awesome; they let you customize your sidebars, which is absolutely great. But, if you put too much on your page, it will become distracting and it will steer your audience away from the valuable content of your website. Only put a couple of widgets on your website and limit the number of side bars on your page. A right or left-hand side bar and a bottom side bar should do.

4. Failing to monitor comments

You're a designer, not a moderator. But, you still have to take note of the comments that are posted on your blog. They might be from potential clients, spammers or anyone. Set a filter on your WordPress blog so that all spam comments can be removed automatically. Having too many monitored comments shows poor website maintenance. You don't want your blog to look sloppy.

5. Stealing images

Never use anything that doesn't belong to you. This goes the same for images on the World Wide Web. If you do like an image and would like to use it, make sure you have the consent of the owner. You should also cite your sources and give proper credit to the photographer or image owner.

6. Having weak content

No matter how great your blog looks, content is still king. You might attract your audience with a good looking website, but weak content will get you nowhere. If you don't have anyone creating your content or writing your articles, you have to take care of this aspect. WordPress designers don't just create the theme or template; they also sometimes have to think of the content.

7. Not including a mobile site

With the mobile revolution taking the world by storm, you need to stay on top of your game. Without a mobile site, those browsing through their smartphones won't be able to see your website. Most people try to view webpages on tablets and mobile phones. Make your blog mobile-friendly or at least have a mobile site ready.

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