WordPress: An Easier Option For Businesses

Business owners have often dealt with the issues of not being able to make changes to their websites when they need to without having to contact a webmaster or the digital agency managing their site. This costs both time and money, which, for small businesses, isn't helpful for business growth.

WordPress could be the solution for business owners in this instance. Not WordPress.com, which is the popular blogging platform used by millions around the world. We're talking about WordPress.org, which allows users to take control over their websites with the help of a user-friendly dashboard on the back-end of a site. When it comes to making layout changes and publishing content, which previously required the help of webmasters, WordPress provides a simple yet powerful way for business owners to edit and improve their websites with little to no coding background.

So why should you consider making the switch to WordPress?

Simplicity - When it comes down to it, WordPress is an easier way to manage your website. The whole back-end is navigated through a simple dashboard, which makes finding everything you need quick and painless. Creating new pages and posts, editing these pages, managing and approving comments, and changing basic layout options can all be done from this dashboard. By making this process simple, you save time and money by skipping the "middleman."

User Roles - WordPress also allows multiple users to access the website. But that isn't all. The admin can designate specific roles to each user. These roles include contributor, author, and editor, all with different levels of access and responsibility. You get to decide who does what on your website on a person-to-person basis.

Customization - WordPress has thousands of themes out there that can be installed and changed to fit the personality of each individual business's website. Also, custom designs can be built and turned into WordPress themes for businesses looking for an entirely unique and custom feel.

Open Source - By being an open-source platform, WordPress is constantly evolving and changing for the better. Open source allows developers from around the world to contribute their ideas in an effort to make WordPress not only easier for the more experienced users out there, but to also make it easy for the beginners.

With so much capability and opportunities that WordPress poses for users, getting your company a site hosted on WordPress is beneficial for day-to-day web operations. What are you waiting for?

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