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If you want a legitimate home based business opportunity that involves helping people solve some of their most challenging problems and reach their most important goals then you should consider starting a membership website.

Membership web sites are a great home business online opportunity, but they are not a get rich quick scheme that doesn't require hard work or skill. This is the real deal, an opportunity for you to share your personal talents and skills with people so that they can improve their lives. There are also lots of benefits to you for having a members only website. You have the freedom to work wherever you want, when you want, and how you want. You have unlimited earning potential. You get to work in a field that you know and are passionate about, and you get the benefits of using technology to leverage your time so that you get paid for the value you provide your members, not the number of hours that you work.

So what's the catch?

Just like any business you must have something of value to offer. If you already know exactly what you want to build your business on great. If you are still trying to figure out what it is you have to offer the public that's fine too. Here are some questions that will help you determine if your topic is a good fit for a membership website. If you haven't found a topic yet, this list will help you get thinking about what value you could provide.

Great topics for membership websites:

1. Solve important problems or help attain important goals. 

In order for someone to pay a monthly fee to get information on this topic and regularly apply, it must be important to them. You can create an amazing membership website that teaches members how to have a perfectly groomed lawn, but if no one cares enough to pay money and attention to it you will never earn a decent profit. In order for your membership website to be successful it must deal with an important topic, these frequently involve health, relationships and money.

2. Are not easy fixes, and require time and regular attention to achieve. 

If your problem only takes two months to solve then odds are your clients are not going to stick around for long. You need to pick a topic that requires regular attention for a long duration to achieve.

3. Require maintenance 

This is not necessary but if the purpose of your members only website focuses on something that requires maintenance in order to keep the results after they are achieved then that means your clients are likely to stay with you longer.

4. Time sensitive 

This is not necessary either, but if you have a topic that is time sensitive then people are more likely to take action. For example if they do nothing their debt will keep growing, they will continue to gain weight, they will be another year older without a special someone in their life. The realization that things will only get more difficult later makes it easier for people to take action.

5. Things people are already working hard & spending money to solve/achieve. 

Don't create a membership website to solve a problem or achieve a goal that people are not already spending time and money to address. You do not want to have to sell them on the fact that this is an important issue. You want to have people eager to get the solutions that you can provide them with.

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