Membership Website - Should You Outsource the Website Design Work?

You have a great idea for a membership website and now you are trying to decide if should you build it yourself or outsource it to someone else? It's a good question and unfortunately there is no clear cut answer for every situation. After having three different sites built I can offer you some insights on what factors to consider in your decision.

1. First of all how complex is your website?

Do you just want different sections with information that is downloadable or can be read off the screen? Or do you want software added to track your clients marketing expenses, automatically customize marketing material they download and produce estimates for them? If you find yourself falling into the second category I would say "outsource" unless you are a web designer, in which case why are you reading this anyway?

On the other hand if you are looking for your plain Jane membership website. You can purchase some rather inexpensive software programs online (just Google membership website software) and you will see lots of them. I have not taken this route yet, so I can't speak for any particular brand personally, but if you can get by without having a middleman all the better, not just for costs but for getting things done the when and how you want them.

2. The time vs. money conundrum

We are all doing a balancing act between time and money. If you have a relatively simplistic membership site and you have a reasonable amount of ability (comfortable with computers and can listen to tutorials and follow directions) then one of the biggest deciding factors for you is do you want the time, or the money?
Unfortunately I can't tell you how much your website will cost. Personally I have had one built for almost ten thousand (after modifications over a year), another for about seven thousand and the last one for under three thousand. One thing that I learned from this experience is that the more organized you are, the less expensive the membership website is (hence the dropping prices).

When I had my first membership website built I was so excited to just get started that I had the designers start when I merely had more than an outline completed. (This is OK to do if you're certain you won't change your mind.) However after collecting more information, I did change my mind. That's an expensive mistake. Think about designing your website the way that people design a house, all the modifications that you make later cost more than they would have originally.

3. Your personal abilities. This one is in your court. You know your strengths and abilities better than anyone so only you can decide if this is something you want to take on yourself.


Here are some things to keep in mind if you outsource.

1. Get references, and make sure you like working with the people. Creating a website from your "idea" can be a difficult process and if you end up unhappy with the company odds are you will have to completely rebuild if you switch. So make sure you really like them.

2. Look at the work that they have already done and determine if it's your style.

3. If you want software and you are expecting them to do the programming make sure to talk about that up front. Not all web designers are programmers and vice versa, but they usually have someone that they like to work with.

4. I highly recommend making as much of the site editable by you as possible. That way you can make updates at 3 am if that's what you want. This will be important to you in the long haul.

5. Don't just assume you should let them host the website in house. Check it out first, reliability is very important.

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