How to Start Your Own Business Online - The Easy Membership Website

If you want to know how to start your own business online then you are in the right place. The best format I have ever found is the easy membership website. I don't say it's easy because it's a get rich quick scheme that will put thousands in your pocket without doing any work, or turn you into a millionaire overnight, because it's won't. It is easy because it allows you to make money teaching people about what you already know, and doing it in a way that creates regular steady income for you while only having to do the work once.

I look at the membership website as one of the last purist online businesses that consistently make money. You don't need a huge list, a ton of affiliates or a joint venture partner in order to make money with a membership website (although all of those help).

You do need to have a skill, strategy and/or information that is valuable to someone else, and it must be on a topic that is constantly evolving.

Let me give you an example so this makes more sense. Let's pretend you are a Realtor and despite the economy your business is doing well and you are earning far more than the typical Realtor does with your experience level and time commitments. You have a valuable set of skills, strategies and resources that other Realtors would be highly motivated to get their hands on.

So you create a membership website that teaches these tools via text, audio and video tutorials as well as the occasional webinar and/or conference call. You market to the Realtors by writing articles that give them information they need to be successful, and offer them a more information if they click the link at the bottom of the page. The link redirects them to a landing page where you collect their name and e-mail address and then redirects them to a download page where they can get their free information gift.

You continue to build a relationship with them by sending periodic e-mails with more tools, tips and strategies to help them become more successful Realtors. Eventually they decide that you are indeed the real deal so they decide to sign up for your membership website, paying you $99/month (for example) for an array of tools to help them with their business. Next, you offer them 2 free months for any referrals that sign up for the program. They refer 3 more people that sign up and you repeat the process.

As your membership website grows you are able to continually provide new content from your daily experiences in your own Realtor career, and as the environment continues to change so does the content that you provide on your membership website.

Now you know how to start your own business online with a membership website if you have a valuable set of skills or strategies to offer. Your effort is well rewarded with practically passive income and unlimited earning potential. All from sharing your strengths with others.

Are you ready to take the next step toward turning your skills into profitable membership websites that can earn you massive (and practically passive) income?

I will lay out for you the step-by-step process I used to build a paid membership website that generated over $50,000.00 per MONTH (with practically no overhead), in less than 4 years.
This includes: How to choose your specialty, systematize it, market it and deliver it to your clients, all served to you on a silver spoon.

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