Membership Websites - You Can Easily Create a Membership Website

You may believe creating your own membership website is something that you can't do. You may not believe you have the technical skills, the content or the financial wherewithal to setup and operate a membership website. Setting up a membership website is like setting up any other passive income business and can be completed by following a simple step by step process. Are these concerns preventing you from setting up your first membership website?

I don't have the technical skills required to setup a membership website

Not too long ago, this was a valid concern. Even if you were able to create a website with HTML, CSS, and PHP code, you still probably needed technical assistance to setup and maintain a membership site - along with a fat wallet. Now these sites can be built on the WordPress Platform using a WordPress plugin. You do not need to know or understand HTML, CSS, or PHP coding to setup or maintain membership website. You can add your new content to a password protected area by creating a post every week. Or you could upload your new content to a password protected area. If you don't want to bother with the initial creation of your membership site, you could outsource it to a membership management service.

I don't have the content required to setup a membership website

I am going to make a bold statement. If you try and setup a traditional membership website that requires you to constantly add content on a never ending basis and it is your first membership site, you will fail. This is the type of site most people try to create and they are never able to get to the point where they are able to offer memberships. They quit. Traditional membership sites take too much time and have a lot of hassles to deal with like continuously creating, posting, and/or uploading content, dealing with cancellations, monitoring a forum and so on.

The best type of membership site to create is a fixed term membership. A fixed term membership site has an end. Once your content is in place, members can pay, register and obtain their content without you. What kind of content would you need? You can use your own written content, recorded audios or videos, private label rights content, or content created by a membership management service. Unless you are in a niche that is constantly changing, like Internet marketing, your content and your membership site will be evergreen once it is up and running..

I don't have the money to setup and operate a membership website

You cannot afford not to have a membership site. WordPress is free and you can purchase a multi-site license for around $300. In addition you will have either monthly or annual expenses for webhosting and an autoresponder. You should realize that evaluating a business model by focusing on the expenses is a great way to guarantee you will not ever make much money.

Of all of the passive income models, membership sites are the most lucrative because you are selling a product that people will pay you for again and again. Let's compare affiliate marketing and a membership website income potential.

Affiliate Product - 1 sale for $27, 50% commission: $13.50
Fixed Term Membership Website - 1 sale for a 3 month $27 membership: $81.00

Which is the best investment of your time and money? Affiliate marketing has the same monthly or annual expenses and you should buy the affiliate product first to make sure you are selling quality products. Which return on your investment would you choose; $13.20 or $81.00? Don't let these or other concerns stop you from reaching your full income potential.

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